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Are you ready to go digital? We already are.

In today's market, digital marketing is everything. Our marketing team knows the power of the digital age and coaches all of our agents on how to set up a digital game plan. Our weekly coaching sessions go in depth to discuss step by step how to use all the tools available to us, combining multiple platforms to create an agent marketing powerhouse. Each session is lead by our on-staff Certified Real Estate Digital Marketing Instructor, showing you the secrets on how to multiply your marketing results and skyrocket your return on investment.

Can't make it to class? Each session is livestreamed and saved for re-viewing, any time.

Don't get left behind. We are helping our agents reach their goals every day.

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First things first: the housing market is still strong, according Daniel McCue, senior research associate at Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. But a housing shortage has led to big competition and higher prices, bringing down affordability, and generally putting a slowdown on the speed of the market. So If you’re planning to buy or sell this year, here are 2 the main takeaways:

1. Home Sales Are Slowing

The number of home sales has been steadily falling. It could be due to a small inventory, an increase in prices, and the intense home buying competition that goes along with that. The decline was most notable at the end of 2018, when the mortgage interest rates increased.

The amount of homes for sale is rising now, but sales are

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Well-Staged Home 

Ah, staging. What’s the matter with it? Sellers frequently underestimate the importance of arranging and decorating their homes to properly attract buyers. Oftentimes, a staged home can be inconvenient to live in during the sale process. But the truth is, it matters a lot; as a matter of fact, proper staging can significantly increase the sale price of your home.

Let’s give an example. Recent sellers in Glenview, IL were unable to sell their home for almost two years when they reached out to our company. Of course, we found the problem right away: poor staging. With the addition of one piece of properly placed furniture, we were able to sell their home three days for over $25,000 MORE than it had been

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Marketing LIVE

Attention agents! Our weekly social media marketing workshops are now broadcast via Facebook LIVE every Friday. All American Realty & Associates, Inc. agents have access to these tutorials either live as they are broadcast or later for review.

This week's tutorial explained custom social media post creation with all the tools that are available for agents to effectively create their personal brand and market themselves on social media channels. Are you craving more online exposure? Do you want to create custom, personalized, and unique posts that beautifully market your services and also save you time? Then these classes are for you. Every week, in person or online.

Want to join our team? Weekly marketing workshops are free for

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How to Afford a Home in 2019

Your Down Payment

Before you can purchase a home, you’ll need to have a down payment ready. Most conventional loans will require 20% of the home price in order to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI), but don’t panic - there are many loans that will let you purchase with a much lower down payment. FHA loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5%, and some conventional loans may go even lower (but will include PMI); there are even programs that will let you buy for $0 down (such as veteran VA loans). To find out more about available loans programs and their requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If your budget is tight, you can save for a down payment by putting aside your tax return, a job bonus, or

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How to Calculate a Home Seller’s Closing Costs reports that a home seller’s closing costs round to roughly 1%–3% of the sale price aside from real estate commissions. Where do these costs come from?


What a Seller Typically Pays For

At the closing, Illinois home sellers are often responsible for the following main costs:

  • Real estate transfer taxes

  • Any unpaid liens or judgments against the property

  • Recording fees

  • Title transfer fees

  • Title insurance premium and fees

  • Attorney fees

  • Survey fees

Additionally, sellers need to be prepared to cover prorated tax amounts and any homeowner association fees up to the closing date. Real estate commissions are also

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It's Marketing Friday!

Fridays are always our favorite at American Realty because everyone learns something new. This week's Social Media marketing workshop was "All About links" - bit links, link trees, photo links...all the tools we need to effectively utilize our social media advertising power. Did you know that link trust siginificantly increases click rates? Our agents do!

By the way - we're always looking for awesome people to join our team. If you're searching for noticeable career growth, talk to us today. No monthly fees, no franchise fees, 90% splits and a full career growth package. Don't miss out!

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Most Spring 2019 Buyers Are Looking for Homes in Need of Renovation

Are you worried about updating your home before you put in on the market? With all the beautiful home renovations we see on TV and Pinterest today, sellers may sometimes feel the need to modernize their home to be competitive in today's market. But recent data shows otherwise. In fact, new® studies show that as many as 60% of buyers this spring are considering homes that need renovations; of these buyers, more than half are willing to spend as much as $20,000 on remodeling.

"The combination of rising home prices and limited entry-level homes for sale is prompting many home shoppers to consider homes that need renovating," says Danielle Hale,®'s chief

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